(I apologize for the delay in posting–some technical difficulties delayed this post and then a wedding and honeymoon. More to come soon)


King St
Things are different now on King Street in my small Southern town where I grew up. Different in some ways; the same in others. Coca Cola stock made it one of the richest small towns and yet farming keeps it with one of the highest poverty rates in Florida and now a tri-culture of Blacks-Hispanic and Whites (if I may use these terms for description).

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” –Daniel J. Boorstin
1. Since you have become an adult, what have you learned about racism that surprised you? What were you not taught as a child or what subjects were avoided?


2. “Unearned privilege”: what advantages or disadvantages did your grandparents have from their skin color? My grandparents met at Emory University and Agnes Scott College here in Atlanta in 1930. Did they have privileges others did not? Did your parents benefit from the GI Bill or V2 programs after WWII? Were there jobs your parents or grandparents not allowed to pursue based on skin color? Were you “born on third base and thought you hit a triple?” p. 59 Did you know what “redlining” was and hear news reports even today of this happening? P. 44

3. How do you designate your own race on a census form? How do you notice differences between the races? For example, why is the NBA (National Basketball League) mostly African American and the MLB (Major League Baseball) or NHL (National Hockey League) mostly white? Why do most of our major institutions of higher learning have a disproportionate number of African-American’s? Do you buy Debby Irving’s statement that “whiteness…is but a pigment of the imagination”?


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