Irving quotes this line from the film White Privilege 101: Getting in on the Conversation “

You know what we need? We need a listening revolution.” (p 232)


So, why can’t Covenant Presbyterian Church be a catalyst for creating a “listening revolution?”

What might you do to continue your journey?

What might we do to consider how white dominant values pervade our own church? Is this not likely to be the reason we lack much diversity in our own congregation?

Maybe we need to start with further exploration with resources Debbie Irving lists (p. 251-53) such as: , Race: The Power of an Illusion


My own confession: Ms. Irving cited a travesty of wrongful racial convictions in my own hometown called “The Quincy 5” in 1971 which I had never even heard of even though Quincy, Florida is only 8,000 people (and only about 2,600 white folks). So, I have been reading of my own hometown’s history, my own family’s history and have ordered some books I found about the local black response to Jim Crow—I will be rereading a history of my own family since all white people in Quincy are somehow related. I have a long way to go myself so I need to prod myself to get back on the journey.

“Reclaiming my human family, reclaiming myself.” (p. 245)


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